Dario would describe himself as “a collaborative artist” whose art is meant to bring different people, ideas, and concepts together to form one “thing”. 

A native of Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood, he understands what adversity is. His approach to life is high-energy, joyful, and inspirational with the thought process that “we can all eat.” This is the driving force behind his comedy career. 

He is a burst of energy and full of life coming up fast on the Chicago comedy scene. Dario started his comedy career in improv at Chicago’s Second City in 2016. Following improv, he started stand-up. After about 4 open mics and 1 “bad” set, Dario quit comedy for about 5 months. He came back in November of 2017 and been going ever since. Dario uses real life personal experiences to move the crowds with laughter. 

In mid-2019, Dario, along with his friend Darrian Lewis launched the B Posi+ive: The Chicago Stories podcast. The podcast is meant to highlight the talented artist, entrepreneurs, local mainstays, and more in and around the Chicagoland area. The intent is to find that inspirational and positive moment with the guest through fun and honest conversation.

In November of 2019, Dario and his company, B Posi+ive Productions, released the first of 2 comedy compilation albums, “We Spoke This into Existence,” which charted to #4 on iTunes. The second album, “Laughter Is Good for the Soul”, debuted at #1 on June 19th, 2020, and has been played in over 20 countries.

Dario is also the co-founder of "We Can Do Better", an organization aimed at proactively creating a community for positive change. In 2020, the organization donated $3000 worth of school supplies and backpacks to over 300 students.

Currently, he is a producer at Zanies Comedy Club, Laugh Factory Chicago, & My Buddy’s Restaurant. Dario brings an enormous amount of energy to the stage that you will not forget. 



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